Advice To Stay Safe During A Bushfire In Australia


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If your area is bushfire prone and you need to decide if it is safe to stay to help defend your home or if you should leave when a bushfire is upon you. It is important to think about the safety of you and your loved ones above all else. Property is replaceable people are not.

Do not stay at your home in a Bushfire if:

  • If you are not prepared, be it mentally, emotionally or physically
  • The fire danger is rated as Catastrophic
  • The danger level of the fire is rated Extreme
  • Vulnerable people live or are in your home, such as the elderly, disabled or children, the safety of everyone in your care comes first. 
  • Your home is not able or is not designed to withstand fire
  • You are surrounded by vegetation or if there is an on-site construction that is vulnerable to bushfires.
  • You have not prepared your home, property and yourself to have the best protection against a bushfire.
  • The conditions are not in your favour, such as wind or long dry grassy areas. Then listen to fire and emergency services.

It is only safe to defend your home if you are highly prepared and your home is designed to withstand the heat of a fire.

It should be noted that your loved ones will be put at risk if you choose to stay and defend your property. If you choose to protect your home, make sure to be prepared with protective clothing that will help with floating ember or intense heat. Things like an N95 Face mask can protect against smoke inhalation. Be sure to have a survival kit with a complete and accessible first aid kit. 

A fire survival plan can be created and prepared at sites like the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services. This will help you prepare for your area most effectively and can help you decide if it is worth staying to defend your home or not. It will also provide information on the best way to safely protect your home if you stay.   

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