Benefits Of Child Care First Aid And CPR Certification

child care first aid and cpr

Benefits of Child Care First Aid and CPR training is to instruct childcare professionals and parents on how to administer first aid to children under their care. The training covers a variety of subjects, such as how to handle typical childhood illnesses and injuries, CPR, and choking. Childcare professionals should take a first aid course […]

Best Advice On How To Preform DRSABCD Resuscitation

DRSABCD Resuscitation

Some people like to break it down into two parts DRS ABCD. However you choose to remember it, what you are committing to memory is the mnemonic to apply to all life-threatening conditions and situations a First Aid responder encounters.

What Is The Correct Resuscitation Technique To Save A Life

The Correct Resuscitation Practice for CPR

CPR is the abbreviated form of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. CPR is a First Aid technique used globally to provide artificial external chest compressions and rescue breaths to someone not breathing correctly or whose heart has stopped beating. What Does DRSABCD Mean In CPR  DRSABCD is a mnemonic memory trick for providing CPR in the correct order. […]

Cardiac Arrest And Heart Attack: Are They The Same Condition

Cardiac Arrest And Heart Attack

No. Clinically speaking, Cardiac Arrest and Heart Attack are two different conditions. A heart attack is a “circulation” problem caused when blood flow to the heart is prevented by a blockage in an artery. Cardiac arrest should be considered an “electrical signal malfunction” where the heart suddenly stops beating unexpectedly. What Does Resuscitation Mean? Resuscitation […]

Instructional Advice For Placing A Casualty Into The Recovery Position

recovery positions

The recovery position is a First Aid technique that places an unconscious, non-responsive, or recovering person on their left side and keeps their airway open to prevent any vomit, blood, or stomach content from entering their lungs, causing them to aspirate. Aspiration occurs when food, drink, or foreign objects are breathed into the lungs where […]

2022 Resuscitation In Drowning

Resuscitation In Drowning

The Australian and New Zealand Committee on Resuscitation (ANZCOR) makes the following recommendations in summary for managing those who are drowning: 1. If the person is not out of the water, only attempt a rescue them if it is safe to do so; rescue from land using lifebuoys or rope when in confined bodies of […]