Diabetes In Children – A Comprehensive Guide

diabetes in children

Diabetes in children is a growing concern that needs to be addressed. Not only are the physical and emotional needs of children with diabetes different than those of adults, they also require specialized care and support. With the right information and guidance, parents and caregivers can make sure their kids get the care they need […]

Fractures In Children: Prevent Permanent Damage

children fracture

Fractures In Children: Points To Keep In Mind Children frequently sustain fractures because their bones have not yet fully grown. The majority of fractures heal without any long – term problems. Until the bone heals, fractures are typically treated with a full or partial cast or splint to limit movement. To ensure your child’s bone […]

Benefits Of Child Care First Aid And CPR Certification

child care first aid and cpr

Benefits of Child Care First Aid and CPR training is to instruct childcare professionals and parents on how to administer first aid to children under their care. The training covers a variety of subjects, such as how to handle typical childhood illnesses and injuries, CPR, and choking. Childcare professionals should take a first aid course […]

Bleeding Disorders In Children: How To Give First Aid

bleeding disorder children

First Aid For Bleeding Disorders Usually, standard first aid procedure is followed in case of a bleeding emergency; however, if it continues for more than 20 minutes, then professional help must be called.  It is advisable for parents and people who work with children to undertake a first aid course to be always prepared for […]

What Items Are In A First Aid Kit

What are in first aid kits

First aid is a vital skill to have in any situation, from minor accidents to life-threatening emergencies. Knowing the basics of first aid is essential for any household, workplace, or community.  There are many types of first aid, from basic first aid to advanced first aid. Basic first aid includes CPR, bandaging, splinting, and eye […]

Types Of RTO Provided First Aid Courses In Australia

first aid courses

“First aid” refers to the immediate care provided to someone experiencing any injury or illness. The objective is to save the individual’s life, prevent the problem from getting worse, or aid in their recovery. There is a multitude of material available on the internet; however, not all of it can be relied upon. It is […]

First Aid For Kids

First Aid For Kids

Put yourself in a situation where your child has a serious medical problem, and you immediately dial the emergency number “000” (Triple Zero). There are two options available: you do nothing while waiting for the paramedics to show, or you know how to help your child before the help arrives. Learning first aid for kids […]

Advice For Disability Support Workers And Providing Disability First Aid

Disability support worker and disability first aid

A person is said to be disabled if they have to deal with an impairment that prevents them from going about their daily lives normally. Disabilities can affect a person’s mind, body, or senses. Such impairment can either be present at birth or developed through time. When persons with disabilities need assistance, they can turn […]