What Are The 10 Most Painful Bone Fractures

Broken Bone

The 10 Most Painful Bone Fractures In Humans A bone fracture is a break or cracks in the bone. The bone density cannot withstand the force applied and fractured to release the pressure. Fractures result from a wide range of accidental, intentional, or traumatic impacts to the body. In people with osteoporosis, a gentle cough […]

What Is The Best First Aid For A Broken Nose

Broken Nose First Aid

#1 Broken Nose First Aid Treatment Does A Broken Nose Need To Be Treated A broken nose is one of the most instantly recognisable signs in the human body. You don’t need a medical degree or training to look at a fighter’s face and see they didn’t duck or weave out of the way fast […]

First Aid Advice For Treating A Broken Arm

A man with broken arm in need of first aid

What Is The First Aid For A Fractured Arm Broken arms are a common occurrence in the childhood and teenage years. A broken bone anywhere on the body is called a fracture. Fractures can be hairline, greenstick fracture, or compound. Fractures to the arm require medical assessment, X-Rays, and stabilisation with the use of a […]

#1 Facial Fractures First Aid Treatment

Facial Fractures

Facial fractures are thankfully not a commonplace injury the majority of society will ever experience. They typically require a hefty amount of force from a secondary solid object traveling at speed, and with force and are typically the result of: