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With the increasing number of people required to have First Aid training as a vocational requirement, new doors have opened for First Aid professionals and providers. Whether you already have your current First Aid certification, are looking to get certified for the first time, require First Aid certification to land your ideal job, or are new parents and want to learn the skills to treat your family as they grow.

First Aid training can be as basic as learning how to do CPR correctly for as little as $45 with a FACE registered RTO and gets increasingly more complex and in-depth as you move up to the advanced levels. No matter what your needs, knowing how to do the basics and treat the minor injuries in the initial period until an expert can take over could be the difference in you saving the day, if not someone’s life.

 First Aid training can teach you the practical and technical aspects of providing First Aid. From learning how to handle an accident victim to providing emergency lifesaving care, First Aid training will have you prepared for anything. If you are still wondering why you should get involved in First Aid training, let me ask you one question and then keep reading to learn more.

If your toddler is choking on something and it is lodged in their airway, they are turning blue. Do you know what to do and how to prevent their imminent death? The answer might not be what you think and could have dire consequences if you thought of doing the Heimlich manoeuvre on a toddler or infant.

 Reasons To Consider First Aid Training As Crucial

You may think that you are prepared for almost anything, but the truth is that everyone could use some extra skills when it comes to First Aid. It never hurts to be prepared, and First Aid training courses can equip you with skills to do more than apply a Band-Aid. First Aid courses are designed to familiarise you with the necessary skills and teach you the most up-to-date techniques to help you in various situations. If you are still unsure that First Aid training is for you, keep reading to discover several reasons why you should consider getting First Aid training.

You Could Save A Life

Nothing is more important than knowing how to treat a person’s initial problem when they are injured or unwell. Knowing how to treat common injuries and recognise illnesses is a skill set on its own.

Knowledge is power, and with power comes great responsibility. How guilty would you feel if someone you care about was injured, ill, or needed lifesaving action and you didn’t know what to do or how to help them?

While many people have heard of CPR and know it is important, few know how to use First Aid to help another person and save their life. They see a scene on T.V. and instantly assume that it is the correct way to do something when it is only a small percentage of what you realistically need to do to save a life. CPR is a skill that, once learned, is known for life.

Having the basic First Aid skills means that you don’t have to spend money to see a doctor for situations, injuries, and illnesses that do not require an unnecessary trip to the casualty department or G.P. waiting room and be treated safely at home with the right knowledge, tools and supplies.

Video: Hands-only CPR demo

Group Bookings Discount

Don’t draw the line with only yourself. Include your entire family or workplace staff. Most providers will offer a service where the trainer comes to you to deliver your whole family in-home or onsite workplace group training certification. They also offer discounts for a group booking, so get your entire neighbourhood in on the action. Who doesn’t love that level of convenience?

Random First Aid Responder

If you are wondering what you could do with your First Aid training, think about how helpful it could be for others. Have you ever gone camping only to run into a hiker who has badly sprained an ankle or broken an arm? Have you gone fishing only to find someone with a hook in their finger or leg? Maybe you were shopping, and someone has a heart attack or slips and hits their head and can’t move. What do you do? With First Aid training, you know the answers and exactly what to do and how to treat them until they can get expert attention from qualified professionals.

First Aid Training Courses Are Available Online

Are you curious about First Aid training and the benefits but don’t know where to start? In that case, plenty of courses are available, and several nationally accredited RTOs across Australia are licensed to provide you with the most up-to-date practices and certifications. You can find a wide variety of courses online and venues in your local area.

You can undertake parts of the course in your own time and seven days a week when it is convenient for you to fit them into your busy schedule. There is also the option of continuing education courses that build on and enhance your growing First Aid knowledge.

If you are looking for a course that will help you prepare for different scenarios, maybe you understand the value of adding First Aid knowledge to your doomsday ‘Prepping List’. No matter what your motivation is, you can find a First Aid training course that fits your requirements close to you, regardless of where you live.

Remote location candidate. Some providers can offer live Zoom courses and assessments. Conditions will apply with the provider, and some parts may be undertaken online outside of the Zoom time.  

What Will A First Aid Course Teach Me

It will depend on the level of your course as to what content will be taught. Basic CPR will teach you how to give rescue breaths and correctly provide chest compressions that could save a life, known as the DRSABCD protocol.

A basic First Aid training course will teach you how to help someone who has fallen and what to do with a choking person. How to recognise and treat people’s shock. You can also find courses that teach you how to handle injuries like deep cuts and lacerations, burns, seizures, and strokes or recognise asthma from an anaphylactic reaction.

With these courses, you can learn how to handle common injuries and illnesses, and you can also learn how to help others when they most need an angel or hero to assist them in a crisis.

You Gain Nationally Recognised Certification

One of the best benefits of First Aid training is that you gain nationally recognised certification. There are many levels of certification available, and they all have different uses and applications. There is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ First Aid training course.

Some certifications will help you find a job or give you credentials to work in a specific industry with a high risk of danger or injury to workmates. Others will help you gain life skills and knowledge if the worst happens. You can find training programs that offer certifications for First Aid, CPR, and many other skills. You can use these certifications to show employers or your sports club that you are qualified to help them out in an emergency.


First Aid training is a great way to meet new people and prepare for any accident or emergency. You could save a life, help your loved ones and strangers, and be prepared in an emergency situation, all why gaining certification. If you are curious about First Aid training but not sure where to start, visit us online. We have plenty of information about First Aid training and locations across Australia.

To get you started, take out FACE First Aid Quiz and see what your current general knowledge of First Aid is and where it needs to be improved. Visit our Blog page and read up on over 100 topics that will rapidly increase your First Aid knowledge skills and motivate you to take the next step to gain your certification.

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