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Australian Maritime Law For Marine First Aid Kits

In Australia, Marine First Aid Kits come under Maritime law, regulated by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority that mandates ALL vessels have at least one First Aid kit.

The size of the vessel, the number of passengers and the duration of time spent on the water will determine what level of First Aid kit a captain is required to keep and maintain. 

The AMSA regulations state that the First Aid Kit must be:

  • Located adjacent to the master’s accommodation or in the wheelhouse. In small, partly open vessels, the kit must be stowed to protect it from incoming spray and weather.
  • Stored in a weather-tight, portable case of a non-corrosive material of suitable strength and size to accommodate the First Aid stores. It should be fastened securely with quick-release closures.
  • Labelled FIRST AID on the lid and at least two sides for quick identification. The storage location of the kit must be clearly identified with an appropriate sign or sticker.
  • Cleaned and checked every three months.

What Supplies Should Be In A Basic Marine First Aid Kit

FACE provides the below easy-to-follow guide that can be printed off and kept with the Marine First Aid Kit for quick supply references and refurbishment for the minimum level of supplies. These include:

  • First Aid Guide
  • Injury and illness register
  • Sunscreen SPF 50+ 250ml
  • Stainless Steel Scissors
  • Pocket Resuscitation Mask
  • Burn gel sachet 1 gm
  • Stainless steel forceps
  • Antiseptic cream sachet 1gm
  • Thermal shock blanket
  • Disposable gloves
  • Soluble aspirin tablets 24 pack
  • Crepe bandage 7.5 cm
  • 10×10 Combined dressing pad
  • 10×10 non-adherent dressing
  • Adhesive strips 25pack
  • Adhesive tape zinc oxide 2.5cm
  • Saline/eyewash 15 ml
  • Download Scale F First Aid kit contents as a printable file.

Lawful Storage Of Your Marine First Aid Kit

Common sense dictates that your Commercial Marine First Aid Kit should be contained in a waterproof unit to prevent exposure to seawater, salt spray and corrosion or contamination. AMSA requires that quarterly inspections and recordings of the content of the Marine First Aid Kits be checked to ensure they are fully stocked and that none of the expiry dates have been reached or will pass between inspections.

AMSA First Aid Certification Requirements

Persons administering First Aid should possess as a minimum a current First Aid qualification in accordance with the NSCV Part D. The National Standard for Commercial Vessels (NSCV) provides standards for vessel survey, construction, equipment, design, operation, and crew competencies for domestic, commercial vessels.

FACE is a nationally accredited and medically backed RTO providing a wide range of First Aid courses. Our courses can be delivered in part online with a face-to-face assessment for certification or via Zoom for remote location students.

First Aid saves lives, and the medical field advances rapidly. Book a refresher course or gain your certifications for the first time. Meet one of our many amazing trainers in a location close to you. Please stop by our FACE Blog page and read up on a range of interesting topics for inspiration and general knowledge.

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