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Barista Course – SITHFAB025 + SITXFSA005

5.5 hrs Face to Face - Nationally Accredited

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Complete Barista Course

First Aid Course Experts has friendly expert trainers who love to share their passion for fantastic coffee and great service. So if you want to learn how to make coffee like a pro, choose STC.

Course Details

First Aid Course Experts‘ (RTO#45654 | CRICOS #03884A) Complete Barista Course is an intensive 5-hour face-to-face training and assessment with pre-learning that makes you into a qualified and confident barista. You’ll learn the essentials of food hygiene as well as the techniques to create amazing coffee. We have up-to-date and widely used espresso machines for you to work with, so you will be able to prepare and serve coffee anywhere without any trouble. The barista course covers all the details of how to make great coffee and how to present the perfect cup.

The barista course consists of the following units:

  • SITHFAB025 Prepare and serve espresso coffee 
  • SITXFSA005 Use hygienic practices for food safety 

    These are government-approved and nationally recognised training courses, so you can be confident that you are getting top training from a registered training organisation (RTO).
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Why should I train with First Aid Course Experts?

Our intensive 5.5-hour face-to-face training and assessment has small class sizes so that you get to practice and experiment with all aspects of coffee making. You emerge with highly marketable skills that are in demand for only $149.

The barista training course includes a whole unit dedicated to ensuring you follow the best hygienic practices for food safety. These are just some of the things you’ll learn:

  • Essentials of food hygiene
  • Procedures for safe food handling
  • Identifying unsafe practices & food hazards
  • Reporting requirements
  • How to prevent cross-contamination of food

Not only will you learn how to make the perfect cup of coffee, but you will know the best ways to make it in a busy working environment.

  • Organising & preparing a workstation for quick and efficient workflow
  • Knowing how to select the right coffee beans, roasts and blends
  • Correct storage of coffee beans
  • Ideal location for coffee making equipment
  • Operating a grinder
  • Enhancing flavours by adjusting grinds and size of dose
  • Details of espresso extraction such as filter selection, tampers, brew ratios and creating crema
  • Adjusting flavour and intensity
  • Using a steam wand to froth different types of milk
  • How to make all sort of coffee including flat white, caffe latte, espresso, long black, cappuccino, piccolo latte, ristretto and mocha.
  • Presentation standards
  • Milk pouring techniques for an attractive finish
  • Purging and flushing the steam wand
  • Fixing common faults
  • General maintenance
  • Calibrating the machine
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First Aid Course Experts (RTO #45654 | CRICOS #03884A) offers nationally accredited Barista training at competitive prices. Our expert Barista trainers deliver classroom training for groups or individuals, as well as online training options and workplace visits. 

Barista Course Certification

Barista Course Certification

Once you’ve successfully completed the course you can call yourself a barista and get a statement of attainment for these nationally accredited units-

SITHFAB025 – Prepare & serve espresso coffee

SITXFSA005 – Use hygienic practices for food safety

Plus the following extras

  • How To Become A Pro Barista – A reference book covering all your barista training as well as pro hints, advice and tips.
  • Barista kickstart kit – Containing a resume template along with cover letter examples to help you get the job

What can you use it for?

Our Barista Course is the latest nationally accredited qualification for baristas. It is for students who want to get a start in the tourism and hospitality industries or simply want professional coffee-making skills. Our experienced trainers pass on professional secrets so you can prepare and serve great coffee.

It’s a good qualification for landing a job in:

  • Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Bars

What are the entry requirements?

There are no formal academic requirements to do our barista courses. However, there are language, literacy and numeracy requirements. For example, students need the ability to:

  • Read safety data sheets (SDS) and product instructions for cleaning chemicals
  • Be able to ask customers what they want and offer suitable products
  • Read instructions for operating, cleaning and maintaining equipment
  • Write orders
  • Read recipes for espresso coffee beverages
  • Estimate amounts of milk and adjust doses of ground coffee

Cricos requirements for International Students

Student Visa Holders Welcome!

Registered training providers are now able to offer a range of supplementary courses to overseas students without registering the courses on CRICOS.

Education Services for Overseas Students (Exempt Courses) Instrument 2021

Find our list of exempted courses.

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To make sure your team is safe and well equipped, we offer on-site barista training tailored to the needs of your workplace.

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