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HLTWHS005 - Conduct Manual Tasks Safely

4 hrs Face to Face - Nationally Accredited

Manual Handling

HLTWHS005 - Conduct manual tasks safely

Nationally Accredited Course

First Aid Course Experts is a nationally accredited Australian RTO (#45654), and we take pride in excellent, professional quality First Aid and health care related training with friendly, highly experienced instructors. Our manual handling course – officially known as HLTWHS005 Conduct manual tasks safely – is available from many of our training facilities around the country. Our venues are fully equipped with all the equipment you’ll need to demonstrate and be assessed on your knowledge of manual handling tasks, including hoists, hospital beds, slide sheets and more. The course is designed with a strong element of hands-on, practical experience and made to be informative, interactive and fun.

This course is designed specifically to help those working in a hospital or residential care setting, such as nurses, health workers, and aged care workers. It follows all regulatory guidelines and state and territory legislation, including the hazardous manual tasks code of practice.

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The face-to-face component of the course, including all practical training and assessment, is provided in a single 4-hour practical training seminar.

Before attending the in-person practical training and assessment seminar, you’ll need to complete the course pre-reading and the quiz included with it. You can complete these digitally through your online student portal. Provided it’s complete prior to your face-to-face session, you can work through this content in your own time and at your own pace.

The amount of time required for the pre-reading and quiz varies from student to student (depending on working speed and prior knowledge), but it’s best to make sure you have half a day free to work through the material.

Participants are assessed through various methods, including the following:

  • Practical Demonstrations: Simulated scenarios / Roleplaying
  • Project (Risk Assessment)
  • Knowledge Assessment
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At First Aid Course Experts (RTO #45654 | CRICOS #03884A), we offer nationally recognised manual handling training at affordable prices. Our veteran First Aid instructors offer HLTWHS005 Conduct manual tasks safely training both in the classroom and on-site at your workplace. We also have online training options for those needing more flexibility. Our courses are fully compliant with all Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) guidelines.

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Conduct manual tasks safely certificate

Participants must:

  • Be 14 years of age (Those who are under 18 must present an enrolment form from a parent or guardian to accept responsibility) 
  • Complete a risk assessment to reduce risks from manual tasks
  • Communicate effectively to contribute to a consultation process about improving manual handling safety
  • Use literacy and numeracy skills as required to read, interpret, and apply guidelines and protocols (e.g. read manufacturer’s instructions and safety signs)

Participants must have the physical capability to safely perform physical manual handling tasks to be assessed for this course.

  • The base course cost is $125 (although this may vary from State to State)
  • Courses generally run from 9am to 1:30pm, although other session times may be available.
  • We have course times available 7 days a week.

Successful completion of the HTLWHS005 Conduct manual tasks safely course will award students with a nationally recognised certificate. These will be issued digitally as a PDF document – both via email and available from your online student portal – within 24 hours of completing the course.

To be issued with your statement of attainment, you must have completed the online quiz provided with the pre-reading resources, and First Aid Course Experts must have received your valid USI (Unique Student Identifier). Failure to provide these could result in your certificate being delayed.

Each of our instructors is highly trained and qualified, with years of experience behind them, and you should feel free to take advantage of this and ask any questions you have as the training progresses. Our team is committed to delivering training that’s engaging, interactive, and highly enjoyable.

All students taking part in formal training in Australia – including the HTLWHS005 Conduct manual tasks safely course – must obtain and provide a valid USI or Unique Student Identifier. USIs are a form of identification issued by the commonwealth government (similar to a tax file number) that tracks formal education and training in a secure online manner. Applying for a USI is entirely free of charge, and the application generally takes only a few minutes. To get started, head to the USI website –

To complete the course, students must demonstrate their ability to complete the assessments for the unit, managing tasks and contingencies which might be encountered in a formal role with a manual handling component.

The student must be able to demonstrate that they can:

  • Follow workplace procedures in a legally compliant manner, as well as preparing and completing a minimum of three different work-relevant manual tasks.
  • Take part in – and contribute to – a process of consultation about improving manual handling practices in a given context.

Course Content

  • Key information from work health and safety (WHS) regulations relating to manual tasks and the national code of practice
  • Role and responsibilities of the employer and employees in relation to manual handling safety
  • Ways in which individual workers are involved in consultation about workplace health and safety
  • Reporting mechanisms required for workplace injury and compensation claims
  • Key aspects of the risk management approach to manual tasks
  • Risk factors and potential sources of risks of hazardous manual tasks:

         Repetition, forces, postures, vibration and systems of work. 

  • Types of manual task activity and the types of injuries that can result
  • The relationship between the human body and risk of injury from performing manual tasks
  • Functions of the human body:
    • The basic function of the spine
    • Body postures
    • Types of muscles
    • Principles of levers
  • Manual handling techniques that support safe work practice including:
    • Preparing the load/client
    • Preparing the environment
    • Using the stronger muscles in the legs where possible, rather than spinal muscles
    • Maintaining a neutral spine when lifting and carrying
    • Using two hands to lift or carry
    • Keeping the load close to the body/centre of gravity
    • Avoiding lifting objects above shoulder height
    • Minimising repetitive movements
    • Positions not held for long periods of time
    • Avoiding twisting by repositioning feet whilst turning
  • Types and operational features of mechanical aids, tools and equipment

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